Oktay Belli

Arkeolog, Tarih Araştırmacısı

03 Nisan, 1945
İstanbul University Faculty of Letters Chair of Ancient History

Archaeologist, researcher of history (b. 3 April 1945, Kars). He completed his primary, secondary and high school education in Kars. He graduated from İstanbul University, Faculty of Letters, Chair of Ancient History (1970). In the year 1970, he was assigned as the scientific secretary of Van Region Center of History and Archeology Researches of İstanbul University, Faculty of Letters. As from that date, he both participated in the scientific excavations in Eastern Anatolia continuously and made researches on various subjects. In the year 1973, he began his PhD thesis on "Urartular Çağında Van Bölgesi Yol Şebekesi" (The Network of Roads of Van Region in the Period of Urartu) in Department of Ancient History. In 1982, he became an assistant professor in the Main Science Branch of Ancient History, an associate professor in 1989 and a professor in 1995. He served as an academician of İstanbul University, Faculty of Literature, Department of History, Main Science Branch of Ancient History.

He took part as a vice-chairman in Van Fortress, which had been the capital city of Urartu Kingdom, Toprakkale, Çavuştepe and Giyimli (Hırkanis) digs which were driven by the chairman Prof. Dr. Afif Erzen between 1969-81, he also took part in Enez Dig in Thrace for four dig seasons, and took part in İmikuşağı Recovery Dig which was driven by the chairman Prof. Dr. Veli Sevin between 1982-85. 

“Upward and Downward Anzaf Urartu Fortresses” digs, which were on the northeast part of Van by 11 kilometers and which were the ruins of early era of Urartu Kingdom were driven by his leadership since 1991. He made researches about “Intercommunication Network”, “Mining Activity”, “Dam, Pond and Irrigation Canals” in Eastern Anatolia Region since 1970. He studied on the history of ancient mining of Anatolia in the Institute for Pre- and Early History and Institute of Max-Planck in Heidelberg with a scholarship of German Foreign Affairs Ministry in 1985.

He worked as a member of Diyarbakır Board of Protection of Culture and Nature since 1993. After 1999, he worked as a director in İstanbul University, Faculty of Literature, Van Region History and Archeology Researches Center, as a scientific chairman of "Van-Yoncatepe Castle and Nekropolü" Digs since 1997 and studied on the international project called "Nahçıvan Dig and Surface Research” since 1998. After 1998, he became a member of İstanbul University, Research Fund, Committee of Specialists, and moreover he worked as the Rector Advisor.

His articles were published in the periodicals Tarih, Anadolu Araştırmaları, Turkish Treasures, Arkeoloji ve Sanat, Kültür ve Sanat, Tarih ve Medeniyet, Belleten since 1975. He wrote articles for Anadolu Uygarlıkları Ansiklopedisi (Encyclopedia of Anatolian Civilizations) and Yurt Ansiklopedisi (Homeland Encyclopedia).


Urartu Başkenti Van (Van, The Capital City of Urartu, 1985), Die Hauptstadt der Urartaer: Van (Van, The Capital City of Urartu, 1985), Ruinen und Museum (Ruins and Museum, 1986), Anadolu'da Türk Bakırcılık Sanatının Gelişimi, Bakır Yatakları, Üretimi ve Atölyeleri (Development of Copperworking Art in Anatolia, Copper Reserves, Production and Plants, with İ. G. Kayaoğlu,1993), Doğu Anadolu'da Urartu Sulama Kanalları (Urartian Irrigation Canals in Eastern Anatolia, 1997), Anzaf Kaleleri ve Urartu Tanrıları (Anzaf Fortresses and Gods of Urartu, 1998), The Anzaf Fortresses and the Gods of Urartu (1999), Nahçıvan'da Arkeolojik Araştırmalar (Archeological Survey in Nakhichevan, 1998, with V.Sevin, 1999), Türkiye Arkeolojisi ve İstanbul Üniversitesi 1932-1999 (Turkey Archaeology and İstanbul University, as an editor, 2000), Anadolu Tanrıçaları (Anatolia Goddesses, 2001), Nahçıvan Bölgesi'nde Orta ve Son Tunç Çağı Boya Bezemeli Çanak Çömlek Kültürü (Middle and Late Bronze Age Painted Pottery Culture in Nakichevan Region, 2001, with V. Bahşaliyev, 2001), İstanbul University's Contributions to Archaeology in Turkey 1932-2000 (as an editor, 2001).




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