Naim Talu

Devlet Adamı, Siyasetçi

15 Mayıs, 1998
Istanbul University Faculty of Economics
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Mehmet Naim Talu

Statesman and politician (B. 1919, Istanbul- D. May 15, 1998, Istanbul). His full name was Mehmet Naim Talu and he graduated from Kabataş High School and from the Faculty of Economics, Istanbul University (1943). After working at Sümerbank, he transferred to Central Bank in 1946. He became the General Manager in this organization where he was the proxy General Directorate in 1966. In 1970, upon reorganizing the bank, he was appointed chairman of the board of directors and the bank. He served as Secretary of Commerce in 2nd Nihat Erim Government established after March 12th, 1971 memorandum. He retained his position as the Secretary of Commerce in Ferit Melen Government which served between May 22nd, 1972 and April 10th, 1973. 

While Naim Talu was the Secretary of Commerce in 1972, he was appointed to the Senate of the Republic from the Presidential quota by President Cevdet Sunay. After dismissal of Melen Government, by being the common candidate shown by both Cumhuriyetçi Güven Party (CGP) and Adalet Party (AP), he was assigned to form a new government in April 15, 1973.

During Naim Talu’s Prime Minister Period, partial improvement was seen in the economy. People were not refused from the Prime Minister’s doors as it used to be, they could tell their problems. Having an economist prime minister led to forgot the remnants of the memorandum. Even though Turkish people saw well-intentioned and bright-faced prime minister, his works was nothing but to bring the country safely to the elections rather than his tasks.

1973 election was made during Naim Talu Government and after the election, since no party alone could provide enough seats to form a government; Talu government remained in power until February 1974. After October 14th, 1973 elections, he was criticized during three months period of the proxy government because of his long-term decisions and the changes among the high-grade officers. After CHP-MSP coalition headed by Bülent Ecevit was established, Talu handed the task over to Ecevit.

Naim Talu was appointed to Chairman of the Board of Directors of Akbank after the ending of his task in Quota Senate in 1976. He died in Istanbul on May 15th, 1998. Talu, who was married with two children, spoke English and French. 



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