Gökay Kalaycıoğlu

Moderatör, Televizyon haber sunucusu, Televizyon Programı Sunucusu, Gazeteci

26 Haziran, 1983
Marmara University I.I.B.F. German Englishman

Turkish television presenter, news anchor and academic.

Gökay Kalaycıoğlu was born on June 26, 1983 in Istanbul.

He started his professional life at Kanal D News Center in 2004, and then the process continued with TGRT News. His first meeting with the screen took place in 2007 with Tv Net. After the successful presenter Tv Net, he worked on TV8 and 24 Tv and 360 Tv.

He took a job as a mid-day generation announcer at Tv8, where he served for a year and a half. Gökay Kalaycıoğlu, who moved to 24 Tv with the transfer offer he received while working at Tv8, was the moderator of important generations for 6 years here.

While he was the sought-after moderator of the Main Weekend News bulletin and critical publications on 24 TV in recent years, he also took the responsibility of hosting the “ 24 Weekends “ program and signed publications that serve popular culture. With this program, successful in winning the admiration of the audience and announcer live breaking point, while simultaneously continuing to active duty on 24 TV Star Weekend Supplement of the newspaper business, coauthored with famous names from the world of art and media interviews “ with Gökay Kalaycıoğlu news with the excuse “ interview series. January 16, 2017, Gökay Kalaycıoğlu, who has started to be mentioned among the popular presenters, transferred to 360 Tv as the Main News Anchor within the same group as the in-house Dec.

For Gökay Kalaycıoğlu, who continued his duties as the Main News Anchor of 360 Tv until January 2018, it was time to transfer his knowledge to young people. He graduated from Can & Arsen Gürzap and became an instructor of Presenter – Announcer Techniques, Television Journalism and Interview Techniques courses at Dialog Narration Communication Center under the founding of Can & Arsen Gürzap. At the same time, because he completed 15 years in the profession, he received an offer to teach Radio – Television Journalism and Diction – Presentation courses at Istanbul Kültür University Radio – Television Vocational School. Academicism and teaching is another continuing profession for a successful presenter…

Gökay Kalaycıoğlu, who transferred to Uçankuş Tv in 2020 and thus became acquainted with the magazine world, became the moderator of the discussion program broadcast on the Prime Time generation called Live Table. Sunday Saturday - Sunday Magazine programs with Uçankuş Tv presenter Kalaycıoğlu transferred to 360 Tv after his duties here. He started to actively present the program called 360 Degrees with Gökay Kalaycıoğlu. The successful presenter also undertakes the hosting of many national / international organizations with the title of Master of Ceremony.

In addition to his television career, Turkey's first news portal www.haberler.com the YouTube channel of Fame for “ News “ Excuse again the great interest given the name of a program with interviews of successful the server at the same time, he is the moderator of the news program on YouTube, you still get it published.

Marmara University I.I.B.F. German Englishman Gökay Kalaycıoğlu graduated from the Department of Econometrics and speaks English well and German moderately.


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SOURCE: Information Confirmation (08.09.2022).



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