Nilgün Cerrahoğlu

Gazeteci, Yazar

Middle East Technical University Department of Economics

Journalist and writer (b. İstanbul, 1953). She is a graduate of Üsküdar American College for Girls and the Middle East Technical University, Department of Economics. She completed her master at John Hopkins University in the United States, Department of International Relations and Economics (1978). She started her career in journalism at Cumhuriyet newspaper in 1982. She worked as a foreign reporter for five years in Madrid and for eight years in Rome.     

Her articles were published by foreign publishing agencies such as L'Ekspres and Grazia. She transferred to Sabah newspaper in 1992.  Having worked as a reporter and a columnist in the period 1995 to 2000, she returned to Cumhuriyet newspaper in 2001. She is one of the professional journalists who are experts in the field of Republican Era foreign policy.


Bir Kanlı Gül (A Bloody Rose, articles about Spain, 1987), Annem Batıya Gidin Dedi (My Mother Told Us to Go West, her interviews with many people ranging form Çetin Altan to Atilla İlhan, from Oliviero Toscani to Abdullah Öcalan, from Tansu Çiller to Necmettin Erbakan and from Abdullah Gül to Orhan Pamuk, 2001).




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