Journalist- writer. She was born in Istanbul in 1962. She began with her journalism career in 1976 and worked as a politics and diplomacy reporter in Ankara for long years. She worked at AA, Tercüman and Milliyet and she was also the Ankara representative of Kanal D. She was selected as the journalist of the year by Journalists’ Union. She won Dag Hammorjold Scholarship of UN. She conducted several studies named “Tragedy of Menderes”, “Nuclear Deal in Cuba” in British archives; “Islamic Movement in Turkey and Algeria”, “Corsica”, “European Left” and “RPP” in US Congress archives. She prepared documentaries for CNN Türk. She made interviews with important statesmen such as Saddam Hossein, Tariq Aziz, Yaser Arafat, Benazir Bhutto, Haydar Aliyev, Lech Walesa, Izak Rabin, Kostas Simitis. She was the Athens representative for Hürriyet and CNN Türk from 1995 onwards. She participated in the programs of TRT, BBC and Deutsche Welle. She has a book named Yürekten Gülerekten Yürüdüm: Atina’da Bir Türk Bir Gazeteci Bir Kadın (2004).

REFERENCE: İhsan Işık (TEKAA, 2009).



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