July Gunce Ates


06 Temmuz, 1990
Anadolu Üniversitesi Turizm ve Otel İşletmeciliği Fakültesi

Playist. Was born in 6 July 1990, Istanbul. July Ates is a Turkish actress with multiple television and theatre credits. Prior to moving to London, July performed in several major Turkish Television series including Karadayi and Baba Candir during her time in Istanbul. Her screen credits include: 'Analar ve Anneler', 'Karadayi', 'Baba Candir', 'Iki Dünya Arasinda' and 'Hello Au Revoir'.During July's time in Istanbul she worked with numerous prestigious actors like Meral Cetinkaya, Erdal Besikcioglu and Riza Kocaoglu. She performed in several English theatre plays including playing the lead in 'Joey In The Zoo' as well as playing the hero in the 'Frango' doner commercial.July moved to London to continue to pursue her acting career. She studied acting at the British Institute Questors Academy (2016-2017) following training at London's Actors Temple.What sets July apart is her ethnically ambiguous casting type, her fluency in Turkish and English and her excellent ear for accents. July currently studies German and continues to expan.


Structures In Which She Plays:


Baba Candır (Fatma, 2015)

Karadayı (Suzan, 2012)

Alın Yazım (2014)

İki Dünya Arasında (2015)

Karadayı (2015)

Kertenkele (2015)

Baba Candır (2015)

Analar ve Anneler (2015)

Softwaring Hard / Canada (2013)


Short Films Starring:


İnce Beyaz Çizgi

Campüs live

Son Plak

Kral Midas Lemonia 08 Samir

2006 2010 2011 2012


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