Yeşim Dorman

Oyuncu, Yazar

07 Şubat, 1957
Ankara Educational College and Ankara University Faculty of Language History and Geography Department of Theatre
Diğer İsimler
Yeşim Müderrisoğlu

Writer and actor (b. 7 February 1957, Ankara). She has used the pen name Müderrisoğlu. She is the daughter of Zekai Dorman who was a parliamentary deputy, minister, poet and composer. She graduated from Ankara Educational College and Ankara University, Faculty of Language, History and Geography, Department of Theatre. She did her PhD at the same department and she worked as an assistant there. Now she works in Ankara, writes texts for the Turkish Radio and Television Corporation and also works for the Human Rights Association.

Her stories were published first in the magazine Yeni İnsan in 1980 and then in various magazines. She has worked as a text writer, actor, consultant and puppeteer for some television channels. Some of her plays have been performed at various theatres and have been adapted for television. With her role in the play Nereye Payidar (Payidar, Where are You Going?), which was performed at Ankara Art Theatre, she received the Ulvi Uraz Actress of the Year Award in 1976 and with her work Gölge Ustası (Shadow Master) she shared the Art Association Writer Award in1983 with Yıldırım Türker.


SHORT STORY: Merdivenaltı (Under the Ladder, with the name Müderrisoğlu, 1991), Harran’da Dolunay (Full Moon in Harran, 1995), Mimu’nun Hayat Kitabı (Life Book of Mimu, 1996), Libera (Libera, 1998).

PLAY: Rosalba Pansiyonu (Rosalba Guest House, 1979), Gölge Ustası (Shadow Master, 1980).


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