Yavuz Turgul

Senaryo Yazarı, Yönetmen, Yapımcı

05 Nisan, 1946
Istanbul University Faculty of Economy Institute of Journalism

Movie director, script writer, producer. He was born in Istanbul on April 5th, 1946. He is the husband of Itır Esen, movie actress. Yavuz Turgul graduated from the Istanbul University, Faculty of Economy, Institute of Journalism and worked as a journalist. He worked at Ses magazine for many years. He embarked his career in movie with his scripts he wrote for Arzu Film company with the help of Ertem Eğilmez (1976). He achieved his first success with script of Sultan and he gained fame with the scripts of Çiçek Abbas and Züğürt Ağa. In 1980, he worked in advertising sector as a text author and he had a very successful career in advertising sector. Later, he founded Medina Turgul Company with Jeffi Medina.

His career as director began with a movie based on a poet Fahriye Abla of Ahmet Muhip Dıranas in 1984, and then he achieved great success with Muhsin Bey and Gölge Oyunu. However, his greatest success was Eşkiya, which attracted a rarely seen amount of audience and which was a sensation all by itself in Turkish movie sector (1996). This movie was the first movie nominated for “Oscar” awards. Gönül Yarası, of which he was script writer and director and which was praised highly by critics, was nominated for “Oscar”, too. He wrote the script of Kabadayı, which attracted wide audience.

Turgul described people he knew closely through a deep observation together with a cultural background and perception, thus audience encountered with a strong cultural backbone which improves itself and calls for a deep revenge or confrontation within his works. Movie critics and script writers have a great deal of things they could learn from his movies if they can see the lament of alteration and critical view of comedy movies. Speaking of a Yavuz Turgul School in Turkish cinema sector and that the audience is addicted to his movies, are social research subjects all by themselves.

Turgul came across again with his own stories, faces, grieves and confrontations which foreboded the resurrection of Turkish cinema, which was shaken and had a downfall after 1980. Cinematographic worlds that he created do not address to only a particular group of audience or a particular place or they are not meant to be watched within a particular period. His movies are produced with a great caution so that they would not lose anything in their value even though they are watched in any place around the world or any time. He wrote the script of Kabadayı directed by Ömer Vargı. That movie broke box office records. In 2010 Av Mevsimi was released and this movie, too, attract attention with its authentic and prospering screen play. In his screen plays and movies, he treats mainly of people who were caught between the life of a village and a city or melancholy.

Tugrul also directed Aşk Filmlerinin Unutulmaz Yönetmeni (1996) and Gönül Yarası (2005 ) and wrote scripts of Efsane Başkentli,  Tosun Paşa (1976), Erkek Güzeli Sefil Bilo (1979), Banker Bilo (1979), Davaro (1981), Hababam Sınıfı Güle Güle (1981), İffet (1982), Aşk Kadını (1983), Şekerpare (1983), Aşk Filmlerinin Unutulmaz Yönetmeni (1990), Gölge Oyunu (1993), Eşkıya (1996), Süper Baba, Gönül Yarası (2005), Kabadayı (2007). He composed the soundtrack of Sultan (1978) and published the script of Züğürt Ağa as a book (1987).

Turgul shot Gönül Yarası (Lovelorn) starring Şener Şen, Meltem Cumbul and Timuçin Esen in 2006. The movie achieved a good success for as much as it was nominated for Oscar. Besides, it won many awards in numerous festivals and attracted great attention

Some of the awards Yavuz Turgul won with his long-running works are; 19th Altın Portakal Antalya Film Festival The Best Screen Play Award (1982), 7th International Film Days Special Jury Award, Achievement Award of the Republic of Turkey Ministry of Culture (1987), Bastia Film Festival Critics’ Jury Award (1997), Golden Dolphin Troia Film Festival Best Movie (1997) BİRSAD Best Movie (1997). 


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