Davut İbrahimoğlu

Öğretim Üyesi, Psikolog

Tabriz University Department of Psychology

Psychologist (b. 1951, Tebriz / Iran). He graduated from Tabriz University, Department of Psychology in 1974. In 1983, he studied about Bio-energy and hypnosis in India. In 1998 he studied about bio-energy in Azerbaijan. At the same years he did his doctorate with the thesis “Evlilik Kurumu ve Aileye Yönelik Psiko-Sosyal Hizmetler” (Psycho-Social Services Towards to Family and Marriage) in İstanbul University. In 1998 he took course about Color Therapy. In 1999 he took General Massage and Sport Massage certificate from H&H Institute of Sport and Health, General Masseur Union. In 2000 he studied about Reiki. In 2003 he learned NLP Practitioner from International NLP Center by Dr. Richard Bandler. He worked as responsible Mental and Nerve Illness Hospital for seven years. He worked at department of narcotic dependents in the same hospital. He had been responsible for mental health for five years. He is a member of Turkish Psychologist Association, Art and Artist Lover Association, chairman of Businessman from Iran Association, Art and Education Committee and founder member of Bio-energy and Magnetology Sciences Association.


Psikoloji ve Ruh Sağlığı (Psychology and Mental Health, 1985, Iran), Evlilik Psikolojisi (Psychology of Matrimony, 1986, Iran), Uyumsuz Çocuklar Psikolojisi (Psychology of Inharmonious Children, 1987, Iran), Aile Ruh Sağlığı (Family Mental Health, 1995, Iran), Öteki Kadın (Other Woman, 1997), Dinle Beni Okuyorum Şiirimi (Listen Me, I’m reading My Poem, 2000), Eski Çin Bilgeliği (Ancient Chinese Learnedness, 2001), Evlilikte Doğru Seçim Ailede Mutluluk (Right Selection in Matrimony is Happiness in Family, 2004).


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