Mustafa Aydoğan


01 Haziran, 1964
Gazi University Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences Department of Management

Poet (b. 1 June 1964, Kahramanmaraş). He attended primary and secondary schools in Kahramanmaraş. He graduated from Gazi University, Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences, Department of Management (1989). For some time, he directed the achieve department of the newspaper Zaman (1987). In the medical reviews published by the Foundation of Doctors Union, he worked as the head of advertisement department (1988 -1989). He served as an accounts supervisor at the Ministry of Finance (1990) and later became the first-supervisor at the same ministry.

His first poems appeared in various newspapers and reviews published in Kahramanmaraş (1980). He published a review with the title Esra Yazıları with Nedim Ali and Feramuz Aydoğan (Kahramanmaraş, 1981, 4 vol.). His major works were published in the review Mavera. Later on, his other works appeared in the review Edebiyat Ortamı, which he established with his friends (1997) and in some other reviews such as Yedi İklim, Kayıtlar, İkindi Yazıları, Yalnızardıç, Dergâh and Hece. Besides his poems, he wrote about actual and basic problems of poetry in the review Hece.

WORKS (Poetry):

Kendini Aynalarda Çoğaltan Şehir (The City Multiplying Itself on Mirrors, 1997), Bir Dolu Bakır Yaz (Many Cooper Summers, 1999), Bahar Köpüğü (Spring’s Foam, 2004).



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