Ahmet Hikmet Müftüoğlu

Roman Yazarı, Diplomat, Öykü Yazarı

19 Mayıs, 1927
Galatasaray High School
Diğer İsimler
Alparslan, Sezaizade Abdülhakim Hikmet, Yavuz

Short-story writer (b. 1870, İstanbul - d. 19 May 1927). He wrote under the pen names Alparslan, Sezaizade Abdülhakim Hikmet and Yavuz. After finishing Galatasaray High School (1888) he started to work at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and worked in Piraeus, Marseille, Poti and Tehran as consular secretary (1889-96). He continued his job with the ministry when he returned to Turkey and at the same time worked as a literature teacher at Galatasaray High School and worked as a German and French literature lecturer at İstanbul University (1912-18). He became Undersecretary at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (1926). He died of lung cancer. He is buried in Maçka Şeyhler Cemetery.

He started writing with a short story published in Servet-i Fünûn; he adopted the outlook of the “Scientific Wealth Movement” as regards to literature and language. Later, he adopted Turkism and New Language trends and wrote short stories about national issues with a simple and clear language. He was among the founders of magazines Türk Derneği and Türk Yurdu (1911).


SHORT STORY:  Leyla yahut Bir Mecnunun İntikamı, Haristan ve Gülistan (Leila or the Revenge of a Lover, Thorn Bushes and the Rose Garden, 1901), Çağlayanlar (Waterfalls, 1922).

NOVEL: Gönül Hanım (Gönül Hanım, series, 1920, bas. 1971).



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