Kerim Korcan

Roman Yazarı, Öykü Yazarı

31 Ocak, 1918
09 Kasım, 1990

Novelist and storywriter (b. 1918, Aktefek village / Adapazarı – d. 9 November 1990, İstanbul). He left school at the fourth grade of primary school (1932). He worked in several jobs from his childhood. At twenty-two years of age, while he was working at a barber’s in İstanbul, he was arrested and tried for establishing an illegal organization and spent ten years in prison (1938-48). He was again tried together with the administrations of the Motherland Party in 1954, of which he was one of the founders but he was acquitted (1959).

In the following years, he worked as a carpenter, bookseller and writer. He came second at the Karacan Award Competition in 1962 with his interview with the title Köse (Bald). His novel Linç (Lynch) was staged at theatres and adapted for the cinema. His play Tatar Ramazan (Tatar Ramazan) was staged at the İstanbul Municipal City Theatre (1976).


NOVEL: Linç (Lynch, 1967), İdamlıklar (Those to be Condemned to Death, 1971), Ter Adamları (Men of Sweat, 1975), Dimitrof Geçiyor (Dimitrov is Passing, 1978), Patrona (Patrona, 1983), Ateşten Köprü (The Bridge of Fire, 1989), Harbiye Kazanı (The Hell of War School, 1990), Ölüm Pusuda (Death is Waiting, 1990).

POETRY: Ey Gaziler (Oh, the Veterans of War, 1989).

CHILDREN’S LITERATURE: Capon (Japanese, 1990).

SHORT STORY: Tatar Ramazan (Tatar Ramazan, 1969), Canlı Bayraklar (Living Flags, 1985), Acılar Çemberi (Circle of Pain, 1990).


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