Afife Ecevit


Arnavutköy American College

Painter (B. 1908, Istanbul – D. 1990, Istanbul). She graduated from Arnavutköy American College. She developed her interest and skills in painting art by realizing various examinations during her trips to France. She participated to group exhibitions aside from State Painting and Sculpture Exhibitions. She held her first personal exhibition in 1967 in Istanbul State Fine Arts Gallery. She became member of Fine Arts Union and Woman Painters Association.

She gave her paintings to group exhibitions of these institutes. Her paintings, which focus on landscape and still life genres, are connected to color and light values of impressionist perspective. She adopted an impressionist approach, which determines the nature’s outlook following seasonal variations. She became famous with her paintings of flowers, inanimate natures and landscapes. 

A landscape by Afife Ecevit


Devamını Gör