Mahmut Esat Bozkurt

Siyaset ve devlet adamı, Bakan, Milletvekili, Yazar

15 Aralık, 1943
Istanbul Law School
Diğer İsimler
Mahmud Esad Bozkurt

Statesman, writer (B. 1892, Kuşadası- D. December 15, 1943, Istanbul). Ataturk gave him Bozkurt surname after the Surname Act. He completed his primary education in Kuşadası, secondary school in İzmir Yusufpasa Secondary School, and high school in İzmir and Istanbul. He completed Istanbul law school in 1911. He went to Switzerland in 1912 to further his law training. He received education in Lausanne and Fribourg universities. After completing the lectures and courses for doctorate, he received the doctoral degree in law. His main argument in his doctoral thesis was “The Unilateral Removal by the Turks of Capitulations Which Were Imposed on Ottoman State is not Against the Law”. He was the president of Turkish Students’ Association established in Lausanne. In 1919, he returned with some of his friends from Geneva to Turkey and joined the local resistance in Kuşadası-İzmir-Aydın to fight against the occupiers.

He came to Ankara on April 23, 1920 to join TGNA. He was elected as Izmir deputy in the First Term of TGNA. He was the Minister of Economy in Rauf Orbay cabinet (1922-1923). After the War of Independence, he gathered the “National Economy Congress” in Izmir upon the request of Ataturk. He was appointed as the Minister of Justice in 1924. He has implemented the first legal revolutions of the new system as the Minister of Justice. He contributed to the preparation and acceptance of Civil Law, Penal Code, Bankruptcy and Enforcement Law, Sea and Land Trade Laws, Hat Revolution Law; he reformed the Legal System and opened the Ankara Law School. He represented Turkey in “Bozkurt-Lotus Case” before the La Hague International Court of Justice and the result was in favor of Turkey. He worked as a professor of International Law at Ankara law School and as a professor of Constitutional Law at the School of Political Sciences. He resigned from his job in 1941. He continued being the Izmir deputy until his death. He had a brain hemorrhage at the hotel room in Istanbul while he was writing his daily article for Yeni Sabah newspaper. He was buried in Kuşadası. 


RESEARCH: Lotüs-Bozkurt Davasında Türkiye-Fransa Müdafaası (1927), Türk Köylü ve İşçilerinin Hakları (1929), Devletlerarası Hak (1940), Atatürk İhtilâli (1940, 1967), Aksak Timur’un Devlet Politikası (1943, 2005).

TRANSLATION: Avrupa ve Amerika Devletler Umumî Hukuk Mebdeleri (from K. Strupp, 1929).

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