Jale Baysal

Oyun Yazarı, Yazar

24 Ekim, 1926
12 Ağustos, 2009
Istanbul University Department of Turcology

Writer (b. 24 October 1926, Kayseri – d. 12 August 2009, İstanbul). She attended primary and secondary schools in Kayseri. She graduated from Istanbul University Department of Turcology (1948). She continued as a librarian, a job she had started in the same year at Beyazıt Public Library, at İstanbul University, Department of Literature. Going to Germany with a scholarship from UNESCO, she received training in documentation and scientific information.

On her return to Turkey, she gave a course related to her area of study at İstanbul University, Faculty of Literature, Department of Librarianship, where she had last worked. In this department she became associate professor in 1972 and professor in 1980. She retired in 1933 when she was working as Chair of the Department. She continues to work in İstanbul. She is one of the founders of the Library and Information Center of Women’s Works and a member of Turkish Librarians' Association. She married the writer Tarık Buğra in 1950 and they were divorced in 1968. Her daughter from this marriage, Ayşe Buğra Kavala is an economics professor at Boğaziçi University.

Her short stories and articles have been published in newspapers and reviews such as   Zeytindalı, Milliyet, Cumhuriyet, Çağdaş Eleştiri etc. since 1948.  With her play called Cennetlik İbrahim Efendi (İbrahim Efendi, Deserving of Heaven) and which she wrote with the inspiration of the life of İbrahim Müteferrika, she won the Foundation of the State Theater and Opera House Artists Best Playwright Award in 1986.


PLAY: İstanbul Türküsü (Folksong of İstanbul, 1970), Cennetlik İbrahim Efendi (İbrahim Efendi, Deserving of Heaven, 1992)

STUDY-RESEARCH: Müteferrika'dan Birinci Meşrutiyet'e Kadar Osmanlı Türklerinin Bastıkları Eserler (The Works Published by Ottoman Turks From the Time of Müteferrika, the First Turkish Printer, to the First Constitutional Monarchy, 1968), Resmi Daire Kütüphaneleri ve Dokümantasyon Merkezleri (Libraries and Documentation Centers of Official Bureaus, 1972), Kütüphanecilik Alanında Yeni Kavramlar, Araçlar, Yöntemler (New Concepts, Tools, Methods About Librarianship, 1982), Kitap ve Kütüphane Tarihine Giriş (Introduction to the History of Books and Libraries, 1991), Yönetim ve Mevzuat (Administration and Legislation, Managing Library Administration, 1991), Kütüphanecilik (Librarianship, 1993).



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