Sermet Çağan

Oyun Yazarı

05 Ağustos, 1970

Playwright (b. 1929, Amasya - d. 5 August 1970, İstanbul). He left İstanbul Robert College and he began to work in theatre (1943). He worked as a director, actor and set decorator in theatres such as the Ankara State Theatre, İstanbul Arena and Küçük Sahne. He also worked as a correspondent and foreign affairs columnist at Öncü, Vatan and Dünya newspapers

He became well known when he won the fourth prize in the International Erlanger Theatre Festival with his play called Ayak Bacak Fabrikası (Foot Leg Factory) staged by İstanbul University Youth Theatre (1964). This play was translated into French in 1968 and he was selected as one of the playwrights of that year by the Turkish Union of Press, Printing, Graphic and Packaging Industry.


Ayak Bacak Fabrikası (Foot Leg Factory) (1965), Öyle Bir Oyun (Just A Play, Değişim review volume 11, 1962), Savaş Oyunu (War Game, unpublished), Bütün Oyunları (All Plays, his first two plays, 1993).




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