Güzin Dino

Dil Bilimci, Çevirmen, Yazar

30 Mayıs, 2013
Istanbul University Faculty of Literature Department of French Philology

Philologist, author and translator (b. 1910, Istanbul – d. 30 May 2013, Paris). She is the granddaughter of the journalist and poet Kemalpaşazade Lastik Sait Bey (1848-1921). She is the daughter of Ferdiye Hanım and Official Affairs Director of the Ottoman Bank Asım Dikel; and the wife of the painter Abidin Dino. She graduated from Istanbul University’s Faculty of Literature, Department of French Philology. She started to work as the assistant of Eric Auerbach who worked in the same faculty as a professor of Roman philology. In order to marry Abidin Dino whom she met in Istanbul and who was sent to exile in 1941 to Adana she went to Adana and they married there (1943). She taught French for some period. She became an associate professor upon passing the exam which was organized by Ankara University’s Faculty of Language, History and Geography, Department of French Philology in 1946 and started to work there. She settled to Paris in 1954. She made a research here in National Scientific Research Center (CNRS) about French Influence on Making Sentences in XIX. Century’s Ottoman Language”. She completed her PhD with a thesis on Rise of Turkish Novel” in 1968. She gave lectures on Turkish language and literature in Paris Oriental Languages Institute until 1975. She founded the Turkish language lab in this institute and prepared an audible anthology of modern Turkish poets. She managed Turkish broadcasting department within Radio France Internationale (1975-90). 

Güzin Dino was the first character within Turkish literature who was interested in the problem of looking to the nature and matter from the perspective of the dominant ideology. In the first part of her review titled “Tanzimattan Sonra Edebiyatta Gerçekçiliğe Doğru”, she focused on especially Ahmet Mithat Efendi’s understanding of realism and published this work as a book. Later continuing this work she realized works titled RecaizadeEkrem’in Araba Sevdası Kurulu­şu Üzerine Bir Deneme” (1951), “Recaizade’nin ArabaSevdası’nda Gerçekçilik” (1954), “Samipaşazade SezaiBey’in Sergüzeşt İsimli Roma­nında Gerçekçiliğin Payı” (1954) and published them in DTCF magazine. Her essays and reviews were published in French and American magazines after she was settled to Paris. She translated works of poets and authors such as Yunus Emre, Nâzım Hikmetand Yaşar Kemal to French.

Güzin Dino who approximately lived 60 years in Paris introduced Turkish authors and poets with her translations to French people. She is a member of Turkish PEN Women Authors Association. She wrote reviews on various Turkish novels and translated many novels and poems to French. Her translations were published in major publishing houses and her essays in American and French magazines. She also has works published in Turkey.


REVIEW: Tanzimattan Sonra Edebiyatta Gerçekçiliğe Doğru (1954; La Genèsse du Roman Turc au XIXe Siècle (Paris: Publications Orientalistes de France, 1973),Türk Romanının Do­ğuşu (1978).

MEMORIES: Gel Zaman GitZaman AbidinDino’lu Yıllar (Istanbul 1991), Sensiz Her Şey Renksiz (2007), Güzin Dino’nun NâzımHikmet’li Yılları, Picasso’lu Yıllar, Aragon’lu Yıllar, Avn iArbaş’lı Yıllar, Yves Montand’lı Yıllar, ÇetinAltan’lı Yıllar, YaşarKemal’li Yıllar, OrhanVeli’li Yıllar.

LETTERS: Güzin Dino - Abidin Dino Mektupları (ortak, 2004).

TRANSLATIONS: Mehmed le Mince (from Yaşar Kemal, 1955), Poèmes (from Yunus Emre, Paris1973), Visages-Pile ou Face (with A. Dino-Y. Kemal, Paris 1992).



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