Nermin Bezmen

Yazar, Şair

30 Nisan, 1954
High School for Secretarial Trainin

Poet and writer (b. 30 April 1954, Antalya). She attended primary and secondary schools in İstanbul. She graduated from Nevada (in the United States) Basic High School (1972) and High School for Secretarial Training (1974). She worked as a teacher of drawing in İstanbul. She has produced many works in the area of ornamenting. Her pictures have been exhibited in nine individual and eleven group exhibitions in Turkey and abroad. For a while she presented the TV program Ondan Sonra on the Turkish Radio and Television Corporation’s Channel 2. She is a member of Turkish Foundation of Cinema & Audiovisual Culture. She continues her studies in İstanbul.


POETRY: Uyandıran Aşk (Awakening Love, 1991).

NOVEL: Kurt Seyt ve Shura (Wolf Seyt and Shura, 1992), Kurt Seyt ve Murka (Wolf Seyt and Murka, 1995), Mengene Göçmenleri (The Mengene Immigrants, 1995), Bir Gece Yolculuğu (A Night Journey, 1999).

ESSAY: Zihnimin Kanatları (The Wings of My Mind, 1995).

COLLECTION: Turkuaz’a Dönüş (Returning To Turquoise, 1996), Bir Duayenin Hatıratı-Fuat Bezmen’in Anıları (Memories of a Premier-Memories of Fuat Bezmen, 2000).

SHORT STORY: Kırk Kırık Küp (Forty Broken Jars, 1999).




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