Jale Yılmabaşar

Seramik Sanatçısı, Ressam

Istanbul Graduate School of Practical Fine Arts

Painter and ceramic artist. She was born in Samsun, 1939. She graduated from the Istanbul Graduate School of Practical Fine Arts (1957). Having earned the AFS scholarship, she went to the USA for a year. While she was attending Albany Union High School, she started to be interested in ceramics.

In 1958, she returned to Turkey and attended the Department of Ceramics and Department of Ballet at the School of Practical Fine Arts(TGSYO). She attended both ballet and ceramic courses for a long time. In 1962, she graduated from the Department of Ceramic, School of Practical Fine Arts and did internship in Arzberg Schonwald Ceramic Factory, Germany. She held her first personal exhibition in 1963 right after her graduation and she won her fame with this exhibition. Later, she attended many exhibitions at home and abroad within the official invitee list. In 1964, she lectured at the University of Miami for a year. She held many exhibitions abroad, attended various handcrafts and ceramic fairs and common exhibitions in many different towns abroad (Paris, Munich, London, Moscow, etc). She made ceramic panels for many hotels, art center, and international institutions all around the world.

Yılmabaşar worked at TGSYO as lecturer in 1966. Having completed required duration of assistantship, she did researches on “techniques of ceramic decoration and reforms in modern Turkish pottery with those techniques” and became the first ceramic professor of Turkey in 1985. She resumed her works at the Academy of Fine Arts, Marmara University. She wrote her first book teaching how to make ceramics. Later, she worked at private ceramic companies in the position of a consulter, and administered her own gallery. Recently, she has worked in textile design industry. She had creative works in fashion. She has many creative works in the field of textile, on silk. She got retired when she was a lecturer at the Department of Ceramic, Faculty of Fine Arts, University of Marmara. She held numerous exhibitions in Paris, Munich, London and Moscow. She attended competitions held by Picasso Museum as a selection committee member. She has countless awards and she celebrated her thirtieth year in art with an exhibition held in Paris, and her fortieth year with an exhibition in Istanbul. In 1999 she held the most inclusive exhibition of her art life, “15 Year with Pictures” (Resimle 15 Yıl), in Istanbul Ataturk Culture Center.

Jale Yılmabaşar was awarded with the golden medal in International Ceramic Competition, Faenza / Italy in 1968 and in International Handcrafts Fair, Munich / Germany in 1969. She was elected as one of the six best ceramic artists of the world in Ireland in 1972. She gained fame with her unique works aboard. In 1998, she received the title "State Artist" from the Ministry of Culture.

BOOKS: Seramik Yöntemleri (1980), Primiti ve Türk Çömlekçiliği ve Kalkınması, Kinik Köyü Çömlekleri




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