Hüseyin Kırmızı

Girişimci, Holding Yöneticisi, İş İnsanı


Hüseyin KIRMIZI was born in 1994 as the first of two children of Mrs. Birsen KIRMIZI. Hüseyin KIRMIZI completed his primary education in Yalova. Hüseyin KIRMIZI is one of the leading names of Turkish investor businessmen. He is the Founder of HFK HOLDING. He established Kirazexpress, mio Teknoloji, 1nakliyemvar companies under the name of HFK Holding.

After completing his first service in the field of drawing, in 2012 MİRDESLİOĞULLARI AK. NAC. SINGING. VE TİC A.Ş. started working in the company. Afterwards, Hüseyin KIRMIZI, who evaluated the proposal from Drawing and Investment Safemoon, stepped into the digital sector with Safemoon. Hüseyin KIRMIZI stepped into the digital world with LLC in 2020 and started to prove himself in the IT sector.

Hüseyin KIRMIZI, who said that he always felt the spiritual prayer of his grandmother, Mrs. Fadime, declared that the golden key to his success was receiving the blessings of his elders. Hüseyin KIRMIZI, who donates most of his earnings to charitable organizations, the child welfare institution and the orphan children's foundation, best represents the necessity of the promise of increasing as we share. Hüseyin KIRMIZI, who carries out his own financial affairs from his private office apart from the LLC he works for, emphasized that he is aware that the future will take shape from today.


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SOURCE: Information Confirmation (10.10.2022).



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