Ünsal Çankaya

Savcı, Hukukçu, Şair

Ankara University Faculty of Law

Born in 1958 in Suvermez Village, Emirdag / Afyonkarahisar, she is the daughter of a State Railway officer father and a housewife mother, and the middle one of the five siblings. She went to Sahip Ata Primary School, Semsettin Karahisari Secondary School, and Afyon High School. After she graduated from the Ankara University Faculty of Law in 1982 and completed her candidacy as a judge in 1983 in Ankara, she started to work as a public prosecutor in Bartin (which was not a province at that time) until 1988. Following this, she worked as a public prosecutor for two and a half years in Gercus, which was initially a district of Mardin (became a district of Batman in 1989). After 1990, she worked as a judge in Eskisehir province for seven years (Saricakaya district for four years and in Sivrihisar district for three years) and in Kocaeli province for sixteen years (Gebze district), respectively. She retired in 2013, married and mother of one, still living at Gebze. She served in the Judicial Organization starting from the fifth region and served throughout in all regions until 1997 when she was appointed in the First Region. She was the Youngest and First Female Justice Commission President and was the first and only to resign from this position.

"Vasiyet" was Unsal Cankaya’s first poem published, in “Ceride-i Kantar” Journal of Ankara University Faculty of Law (1982). Since 2006, her poems, stories, essays and articles on current events have been published (and have currently been publishing) in national journals (“Afrodisyas Sanat”, “Akatalpa”, “Bireylikler”, “Edebiyat Nobeti”, “Ekin Sanat”, “Eliz Edebiyat”, “Emirdag Vakfi Dergisi”, “Hukab Dergi”, “Kiyidili”, “Kursun Kalem”, “Marasantiya”, “Muhur”, “Patika”, “Sarmal Cevrim”, “Sincan Istasyonu”, “Sunak”, “Siiri Ozluyorum”, “Tmolos Edebiyat”, “Uvercinka”) and international journals (“Tuna Dergi”, from Austria - Vienna), internet sites (“Adalet Org”, “Afyon Kultur Sanat”, “Gercek Edebiyat”, “Pelerin Fanzin”, “Sol Itiraz”, “Suje E Dergi”), and “Afyon Denge” Newspaper.

All of her published writings and poems are collected as an archive in her blog, titled “AYIŞIĞINDA GECE” (MIDNIGHT IN MOONLIGHT) https://www.blogger.com/profile/10429255592172918553.

In some of her poems, she calls herself Aykiz. She has one poem in the Turkey Bar Association's Jurist Poets Selection, sixteen poems in the Legalist Poets Anthology from Kadı Burhaneddin to the Present (by Veysel Gultas), one poem in the book “Tefo and Human” (by Veysel Gultas), one poem in the poems selected from the first 101 issues from the magazine “Siiri Ozluyorum”, (written by Sukru Kirkagac), and poems and writings in two folkloric books based on research and documents, which can be considered the first in his field, named “Cavuslu Dynasty” and “Suvermez Village” (prepared by Sukru Türkmen).

She featured with her poem and her face were included in the Ankara Photography album: The Faces of Poetry (from Ibrahim Demirel Lens - 2021), which was a record of the photography exhibition prepared by Ankara - Cankaya Municipality (18 March-18 April 2021).

Her poem titled “AYIŞIĞIM UNUTMASIN”, translated into Persian by Moctaba Nahani, was published in the first chapter of the fifth (special) issue, "Turkish Women Poets", of "Honar ve Eghtesad" (Art and Economy) magazine (published in Tabriz, Iran).

Her name and her writings we mentioned in the References section of the article about the poet Türkan Ateş of Dictionary of Turkish Literature Names published by Ahmet Yesevi University on.

Featured in the book titled Kalbim, Cumle Sairler Bahcesi (written by poet Ali Asker Barut) with an evaluation for her poem and her face in the cover.

The poems, essays and story files titled “Avuclarimda Kina”, “Aykiz'in Dilinden”, “Telkâri”, “Deginmeler ve Haikumsallar” are waiting for the day they will be published, in a large file titled HEPSI BU (ALL THIS).

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