Serkan Çabuş

Besteci, Müzik Organizatörü, Şarkıcı, Yönetmen, Müzisyen

23 Mayıs, 1983
Istanbul Technical University Turkish Music State Conservatory

Musician, Composer, Clip Director, Singer and Organizer. He was born on May 23, 1983 in Şişli, Istanbul. He is originally from Tokat Turhal. He is married and has a daughter.

He studied at Istanbul Şişli High School and was interested in music and folk dances during his school years and received degrees in many competitions. Later, he won the Istanbul Technical University Turkish Music State Conservatory. He took part in many concerts and performances during his university years.

His first step in music started with playing bağlama, taking his father Aşık Cemal Çabuş as an example. He started his professional career by meeting the producer Kenan Çallı. He sang a duet with Onur Akın in the album called Mızrap Tele Değince Duet. He had the opportunity to take part in the album. Later, he made two maxi singles and released a total of four works of his own, with lyrics and music.

At the same time, he took part in the team of several award ceremony organizations and presented awards to many famous artists.

Member Institutions: MESAM




Plectrum Wire Touch Duet

Onur Akın feat. Serkan Çabuş

My rainy heart

Serkan Çabuş - At Position

Serkan Çabuş-Leaving

Serkan Çabuş - You're Gone

Serkan Çabuş-Let It Go


Clips He Managed:


Asik Cemal Çabuş

I Couldn't Look At Your Face

Asik Cemal Çabuş

I'm Going From The World




Ulutepe Sports Club (Laque)

Contemporary Lıfe Kındergarten (Laque)

Raınbow Art Nıght Wıth Özlem (Best Organizer Award)


Sociaal Medya:


SOURCE: Information Confirmation (08.09.2022).



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