Mehmet Aksu

Şair ve Yazar, Öğretim Görevlisi, Yönetici

25 Ekim, 1962
Denizli Pamukkale Secondary School, Literature Department of Tarsus High School and Department of Economics of Anadolu U

He was born in Dereli Village, Kahramanmaraş in 1962. After graduating from Dereli Primary School, Denizli Pamukkale Secondary School, Literature Department of Tarsus High School and Department of Economics of Anadolu University in 1989, he attended pedagogical teaching education at Faculty of Education, Çukurova University. He got a master’s degree with the project thesis ‘Staff Problems at Penal Institutions’ at Social Sciences Institute of Selçuk University and the project thesis ‘Juvenile Crimes and Reasons That Push Children into Crime’ at the Department of Psychological Counseling and Guidance at the same university (2007)

He performed Turkish Folk Music Teaching named ‘EDELER’, orchestra management, musicianship and made programmes on Gaziantep GRT TV, Hisar TV, Yaprak TV and Kanal 5 between 1983-1989

In 1993 he started working as an administrative officer at İnebolu M Type Closed Penitentiary Institution and then worked as the Director of Gaziantep and Midyat Prisons. In 2004 he continued his career as a director and lecturer at Erzurum Penitentiary Institution Personnel Hüseyin Turgut Training Center. After working for seven and a half years in early 2012 he turned back his duty as the director of prison due to his childrens’ education.

During his short term working period at Kayseri Closed Penitentiary Institution he served as a lecturer again that he loved so much. In the same year he was appointed as the director of İnebolu M Type Closed Penitentiary Institution and worked there for two years. In mid 2014 he was appointed as the founding director to the Directorate of İstanbul Children Educational Home which was the second in Turkey after the one in Ankara and served there for two years as the director. He still works as a director of prison.

Mehmet AKSU took part in delegation that visited Austria for the project of Judicial Modernisation and Penal Reform in Turkey. He also took part in the group which prepared the course books for the staff of Turkish Probation and Assistance Services Unit and he is one of the first trainers of this institution.

His first article was published in a local newspaper in K.Maraş named İstiklal. Then in various newspapers, anthologies, magazines and social networking sites his articles and poems were published. He attended Dolunay Poem Feast . He composed music as well and gave concerts by singing his own composings with the instrument baglama.  He got awards in composition and poem contests. He shared many articles about various topics in CIPDER Sharing Magazine and in the column named ‘Ağzımda Olan’ in Kurtuluş Newspaper, a prestigious local newspaper in Erzurum. His articles were also published in CTE Values Magazine, Lamure Life , Ayrıntı ve Kültür Magazine and Erzurum Sevdası Magazine.

He still writes articles in ‘Ay Vakti’ Thought-Culture and Literature Magazine. He is a member of Gaziantep Chamber of Instrument-Sound and Stage Artists,, Musical Work Owners Group Professional Association, Writers Union of Turkey.

The second edition of the poetry book ‘Başka Dağlar Var’, published in Dolunay Publishing in 2002, was published in Yankı Publishing in January 2011 and the second edition of the essay book ‘Heybedeki Hayat’ published in Yankı Publishing in 2015, was published again in Yankı Publishing in March 2019.

In 2021 his books took part in some university libraries. In the same year Mehmet AKSU was displayed as one of the six writers on the honor corner at the entrance of Hacı Bektaş Veli University Library.

In 2022 he attended the poem festival as honorary guest held by Kahramanmaraş / Nurhak District Naitonal Education Directorate upon the official invitation of District Governor Ferhat GÜR.   

He gives personal development seminar trainings and conferences to different target audiences. Organizing the first one in Erzurum in 2012, he reiterated his call ‘Let Erzurum and Kahramanmaraş Become Poet Sister Cities’ in 2013 and traditionalized it. He explanis the importance of this project by holding poetry recitals with his poet friends and invites all sensible people to support them. He is married and has three children.




Sevdamın Yurdu (1999)

Başka Dağlar Var (2002)

Gönüllerin Budak Gülleri (2006)

Temmuz Güneşi (2012)

Dolunayda Yürümek (2020)



Heybedeki Hayat (Essay, 2015)

Söz Yumağı (Byword, 2015)

Açık Kapı (Essay, 2020)

Söz Yolağı (Byword, 2020)



Personnel Problems in Penitentiary and Execution Institutions (2007)

Juvenile Crimes and Reason Pushing Children to Crime (2010)


His Continuing Works

‘Mahkumiyetten Hakimiyete’ A book about President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan’s penpals, letters to his friends during his imprisonment in Pınarhisar Prison and analysis of those letters. (Research)

Heybeli Kapı (Poem)

Muhabbet Arkı (Poem)

Han Soluğu (Poem)

Heybeden Haber (Reflected in Press)

Söz Dimağı (Byword)

    .. Denge (Essay)

    ..Tepe (Moment)

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Can be found information about him in national and local press.


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