Muhsin Durucan

Şair ve Yazar, Gazeteci-yazar

23 Nisan, 1948
Buca Institute of Education, Department of Turkish Language and Literature.

Journalist, writer, poet...born on April 23, 1948 in Hacıbektaş-Nevşehir... He graduated from Aşağıbarak Village Primary School, Hacıbektaş Secondary School, Kırşehir Male Primary School, Buca Institute of Education, Department of Turkish Language and Literature... He completed a bachelor's degree at Anadolu University. He worked as a teacher and manager in the provinces of Ağrı, Kırşehir and Isparta. He worked as the national education inspector in Mersin, Tekirdağ, Edirne and Istanbul provinces. After retiring, he settled in Istanbul.

He is a member of the Turkish Writers' Union and Besam. Poetry and writings; Turkish folklore studies, Sailing, Ant, public education (founder, 12 number 1978-1980), Garden, new guy, the Kemalist Ideal, Gülpınar, Sumerbank, the entity's main Kizilay, the World Teacher, agency, Turkish, contemporary education, ICEL culture, agriculture, Fivefingers, Magenta, Bard, Spring, Call, in modern Turkish language, Cherry, Turkish language, culture in the South, Formation, Key executives, The Voice of the New Bay Simav Anatolia, Bard the tree In magazines such as Fethiye and outstanding (the anthology-guldeste); in the writings of various subjects and types have appeared. T.C. He is a People's Poet approved by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism.

Cumhuriyet Newspaper, Our Newspaper, Milliyet Blog, Author Portal and columns have been published and published in national and local media, including some art october newspapers. He is also a columnist in various Internet media.

Başkent Newspaper Traditional Poetry Competition First Prize for Unity poetry (1977-78), MEB Monthly Award (1999), Simav 7. He received the Honorary Award of the Poets' Feast (2002…






A Pinch of Poetry (1970),

Two Eyes of a Saddlebag (1975),

The Folk Song of Hope (1976),

The Source of the Word Anadolu (1979),

Poems of Canca (1997),

Durucanca Emotions (2004)

The Lover's Eye (2012)

Scream (2014)




Our City Denizli (1985),

Education and Happiness (1991-1992-1998-2013-2014-2017)

Days of Remembrance and Celebration (2000),

Our Opinion is with You (2004),

A Lover of the Balkans (2009),

Love of Southeastern Anatolia (2010)

Thoughts without Prejudice (2012)

Special Occasions (2014)

A Loving Azerbaijan(2014)

Video Stories (2015-2017)


18 (Eighteen) of his works have been published.


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