M. Kadri Göral

Şair ve Yazar, Mimar

05 Ocak, 1948
Department of Architecture of Ankara Government Engineering University
Diğer İsimler
Mehmet Kadri Göral (tam adı)

Architect, poet, and writer. Mehmet Kadri Göral (full name) was born on 5’th of January 1948 in Diyarbakır, Turkey. He graduated from Ziya Gökalp Elementary School in 1961, Ziya Gökalp High School in 1967 and Department of Architecture of Ankara Government Engineering University in 1971. After working as an Architect, National Park Planning Specialist and Project Implementation Manager at the Ministry of Forestry, General Directorate of National Parks, he retired in 2002 of his own accord. He resided in Sydney, Australia from 1996 to 2000. During this time, he had talks on SBS Radio and poetry recitals at cultural events which were organized by the Consulate General. In Turkey, he made several talks on both national and local radios and televisions, and attended conferences and poetry recitals at schools.

His interest in poetry began by memorizing and reading poems in school magazines. He wrote poems on love in high school years, on social content in university years, and educational and instructive poems when he started life. His notable poems were composed while he was a high school student. With the morale and power of reading his poem dedicated to Mehmet Akif Ersoy at the "Mehmet Akif's Memorial Night on December 27th, he continued to write poetry.

While attending the High School, he served as the "Culture and Literature Branch President of Student Union" and "Head of Culture Branch of Diyarbakır Higher Education Association". In those years, his articles and poems were published in “Yükseliş”, “Bazaltkent” and “Esmerim” magazines.

Based on the idea that "poetry is the mirror of the poet and the poet is the mirror of society", he tried to reflect the daily lives of the people of Diyarbakır with a poetic expression in his book "Küçe Kapısı", which was published in 1996. After this date, his poems in the "Küçe Kapısı" were published in the "Literary Architects Anthology" and in many magazines and newspapers nationwide.

His book “Vuşşş…Kele”, in which he presented the similarity of the words in local Diyarbakır dialect with English language, was published in 1997. His work on this subject continues. His book “Cevahir Çıkını”, which deals with the history, culture and folklore of Diyarbakır, was published in 2009.

In 1996, he was deemed worthy of an award by the “Diyarbakır Promotion and Culture Foundation”. Mr. Göral is an influential poet and writer, who reflects Diyarbakır dialect, folklore and culture with great success in his poems and books. He also has important researches on Diyarbakır history and culture.




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