Gül Ayşe Aydemir Yaldız


01 Aralık, 1951
Istanbul University faculty of Literature

Writer. She was born on the 1st of December 1951 in Çal-Ortaköy  Denizli province in Turkey. Upon graduating Istanbul University faculty of Literature with a degree in Turkish Language and Literature (Turkology)  she was employed as a teacher in Ivriz Teachers’ College and then in Bandırma Şehit Mehmet Gönenç High School. Afterwards she was a lecturer in Balıkesir University until her retirement.

 She has been published numerous times in many select publications, with her stories in many magazines including Turkish Language and Education Magazine , and with her articles in local newspapers.

 In 2014 she published her first story book ‘Dünyaya tekrar gelsem’ , consisting of 17 stories , which was followed by her first novel in 2020 titled ‘Omorfo Girit - Güzel Selanik’ on the effects of 1923 Population exchange between Greece and Turkey.

 She enjoys travelling, publishing her experiences from her domestic and international travels in her blog, photography and ceramic art; and follows the personal motto of ‘Women and Education, specifically education of young women is the foundation of my observations and dreams’.

 She is married to Salih Yaldız, and has two children named Hatice Bengü and Can Emrah.




Story Dünyaya Tekrar Gelsem (2014)


Novel: Omorfo Girit - Güzel Selanik (2020)


REFERENCE: Kemal Yalcin (confirmation of information, 23.06.20221).


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