Şakir Bilgin

Yayıncı, Yazar

10 Nisan, 1951
Istanbul Atatürk Education Institute

Born in Turkey in 1951. Şakir Bilgin graduated from Bolu Male Teacher's School in 1968. After working as a primary school teacher for 4 years, he entered Istanbul Atatürk Education Institute - Department of Physical Education and graduated from there in 1976. Later, he went to Germany to specialize in sports and studied at Cologne Sports College between 1977-1980.

Bilgin, who worked as a Turkish and Sports Teacher in Cologne between 1980-2003, is married and has two children. He has been operating in the commercial field since 2003.

Şakir Bilgin, who has been active in the political and trade union field for many years, was arrested in Istanbul at the beginning of 1983, trialed by military courts and held as a political prisoner in Istanbul Military Prisons for more than three years. His arrest aroused great repercussions in Germany and a strong solidarity campaign was carried out by trade unionists, politicians and artists. He gained his freedom after this campaign, which was also supported by the German government.

After life in prison, Bilgin returned to Germany, where he has conducted activities in the field of human rights for many years. He is the founding chair of Tüday (Turkey-Germany Human Rights Association) and, in addition, led the founding of various peace initiatives and was their spokesperson.

Şakir Bilgin, who has published many books in German and Turkish, is a member of the German Writers Association and the owner of DÜNYA VERLAG, a publishing house founded in Cologne in 2020.




§ Güneş Her Gün Doğar (The Sun Rises Every Day), Memoir–Narrative, Turkish

    Over 3 years (1983-1986) military detention in Turkey

    1st edition, Yön Verlag - İstanbul, 1987

    2nd edition, Ner Verlag - İstanbul, 1988

    3rd edition, Kibele Verlag - İstanbul, 2020

§ Jeden Tag weint die Sonne (The sun weeps every day), Memoir–Narrative

    Pahl Rugensein Verlag, 1988 - Cologne,

   German version of “Güneş Her Gün Doğar”

§ Devrimden Konuşuyorduk, (We Were Talking About the Revolution)

    Roman, Turkish

    1st edition, Gerçek Sanat Verlag - İstanbul, 1990

    2nd edition, Kibele Verlag - İstanbul, 2020

§ Lasst die Berge unsere Geschichte erzählen (Let the mountains tell our story)

  - Reports from Kurdistan -

    Dipa Verlag - Frankfurt, 1991

§ Sürgündeki Yabancı (Stranger in Exile)

    Roman, Turkish

    1st edition, Pencere Verlag-İstanbul, 1988

    2nd edition, Kibele Verlag - İstanbul, 2020

§ Der Fremde (The stranger), Roman

    Zambon Verlag - Frankfurt, 1997

    German version of “Sürgündeki Yabancı”

§ Bir Daha Susma Yüreğim (Don't be silent again, my heart), Roman, Turkish

    1st edition, Önel - Verlag - Cologne, 2001

    2nd edition: An Verlag - İstanbul 2004

§ Güzellikler Yeter Bana (Beauties are enough for me), Roman

    1st edition, Önel Verlag - Cologne, 2003

    2nd edition, An Verlag - İstanbul, 2004

§ Ich heiße Meryem, nicht Miriam (My name is Meryem, not Miriam) - Roman

    Internationales Kulturwerk - Hildesheim, 2005

    German version of “Bir Daha Susma Yüreğim” and

    "Güzellikler Yeter Bana"

§ Kirli Çoraplar (Dirty Socks), Story, Turkish

    Önel Verlag - Cologne, 2019


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