Alperen Burak Ulucan

Girişimci, İş İnsanı

Bahçeşehir University Industrial Engineering (English) Department

Entrepreneur, business person. He was born in Ankara in 1996. Alperen Burak Ulucan, who completed his secondary and high school education in Istanbul, graduated from Bahçeşehir University Industrial Engineering (English) Department with a scholarship. In addition to his undergraduate degree at the University, he worked in many international companies.

Ulucan, who also worked in the fields of digital media and digital marketing in various companies, studied at the Bay Atlantic University Mentor College in United States after graduating from the Bahçeşehir University. He also received certificate training from universities such as Harvard University, Middle East Technical University, and Bahçeşehir University on subjects such as digital media, digital marketing, and entrepreneurship. He gives informative interviews to many television channels, magazines and newspapers in the field of digital media and entrepreneurship.

Ulucan, who took part in many Social Responsibility Projects during his university and high school years, also took part in competitions as a professional in various sports activities such as basketball and chess.

He is the founder of the travel platform “Hangi “Otele Gidilir, which was established in 2020. He continues to work in the digital media agency he owns.

REFERENCE: Confirmation Of Information (27.05.2021).



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