Cem Duman

Gazeteci-yazar, İnsan Hakları Savunucusu, STK Yöneticisi, Yayıncı

Faculty of political sciences of Şişli with a degree in Public Administration

Journalist, writer, publisher, NGO manager, human rights activist.

Cem Duman was born in 1956, as a child of the teacher of local village educational centre in Artvin.

His father has consequently put the effort of directing him towards reading books which led to an habit.

After finishing primary school, he pursued high school in Trabzon. Thereafter, having finished is degree in Electronics at the Izmit Vocational School he graduated from the Faculty of political sciences of Şişli with a degree in Public Administration.

During college he was taken in custody many times due to the political circumstances of that time. In 1985 he therefore felt forced to leave Turkey. He settled in the Netherlands and equally sought to address socially relevant issues by working as a journalist for over 10 years. Additionally, he was a volunteer for Amnesty International taking interest in topics such as the role of Turkish migrants in the Netherlands as well as issues relating to education, environment and health.

For his kids he took part in the clubs where they played chess and soccer.

He is one of the founders of the European Turkish Writers Group (Avrupa Türkiyeli Yazarlar Grubu - ATYG), a group with European Turkish writers. As the president of ATYG he directs activities on literature and art.

He started to write in his 20s, during his intense political works. Because of a police raid his typing machine was taken, all his notes were torn in front of his eyes and thrown away.

In 2001 he founded his publishing company, 3C Uitgeverij, in The Netherlands. He published many books with the purpose of creating more awareness of Turkish literature in The Netherlands and Belgium, and to create more awareness of Dutch literature in Turkey. In these countries he also organized literary meetings.

In his active period as a publisher he many times hosted literary meetings for writers and poets from Europe and Turkey with the intention to promote their books. He wrote down memories of and experiences in his book called BİR BAŞKA ANILAR, with acquainted writers and poets, and with writers and poets he hosted. In his bundle of stories BEN BU ÜLKEYİ ÇÖZDÜM - HOLLANDA ÖYKÜLERİ he wrote about the relationships, discrepancies, successes, longing, the feeling of insufficieny and sometimes the desperations of foreigners in The Netherlands in relationship with Dutch people. The stories and talks were published in several magazines and newspapers.




Bir Başka Anılar, İstanbul, 2018

Ben Bu Ülkeyi Çok Sevdim - Hollanda Öyküleri, İstanbul, 2018


SOURCE: Kemal Yalcin (confirmation of information, 17.04.2021).



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