Nevin Lutz

Çevirmen, Yazar

Bremen University

German writer and translator of Turkish descent. In 1953, Nevin Lutz was born in Izmit / Turkey. Because her father served in the Turkish Armed Forces, her family moved a lot all over Turkey. She spent most time at schools in Malatya, Erzincan and Istanbul and finished her school education in Eskişehir.

She began her studies in the Department of German at Ankara Teachers Training College (Gazi). In 1973, after her marriage in Istanbul with Hellmut Lutz, she moved to Germany. She continued her education at Bremen University and took her special degree state examinations in Education of Handicapped Children and German as a Foreign / German as a Second Language (DaZ / DaF).

For many years she was a teacher at various special schools for handicapped children. For a long time she also was assigned by both the Bremen Ministries of Education and of Social Welfare (etc.) to help developing language teaching projects and to offer in-service advisory training to pre-school and elementary school educators and teachers.

The target of developing language tests was and still is to evaluate a speaker’s actual performance level in German and his/her mother tongue and how to help him/her learning them better.    For years Nevin Lutz took part in creating such tests, especially for Turkish and DaF/DaZ. To facilitate assessing school beginners’ actual vocabulary in their mother tongues she assisted to produce two CDs in 15 languages.

On behalf of the Ministry of Education for quite some time she also worked in elementary and secondary schools as a special counsellor to teachers of immigrant children and children suffering from learning difficulties and maladjustment.

Nevin Lutz for a great number of years was spokeswoman in the TU Bremen team “Intercultural Learning” (AGIL) and a member of the GEW “Federal Committee on Multicultural Matters”. Her main concern was the improvement of immigrant children’s educational situation and of better social and economic recognition of their teachers.

She was a voluntary supporter of the Bremen “Women’s Migratory Counsel”. For eleven years she was on the board of trustees of “Schattenriss”, a Bremen-based consulting and advisory institution against sexual violence and abuse.

Nevin Lutz is a member of the GEW / TU (Union of Teachers in Education and Science) and of the “Association of Turkish-writing Authors in Europe” s (ATYG).

Together with A. Hobusch and U. Wiest she published the book

“Language Assessment Tests and Support-orientated Diagnosis / Testing procedures in German as a foreign or second language for elementary school children” - “Sprachstandsüberprüfung und Förderdiagnostik”   Testverfahren für Grundschulkinder mit Deutsch als Erst- und Zweitsprache

Persen Verlag – 2016 – mit zwei CDs

ISBN 978-3-403-20059-8


Nevin and Hellmut Lutz jointly published:


Aziz Nesin – “Çocuklarıma / An meine Kinder / To my Children” written in three languages and published by themselves in 2016

303 pages – hard cover – ISBN 978-3-00-054830-7

Delivery on payment – e-mail [email protected]        


In five prose texts and 13 poems Aziz Nesin in his original Turkish tongue confronts himself and his readers with life’s important questions. Êach of the texts in Turkish, English and German îs enriched by pertaining comments and ten guiding questions.


Yürekten Yüreğe  / Von Herz zu Herz

Collection of 114 poems by 18 writers, all members of the  “Association of Turkish-writing Authors in Europe” (ATYG).

Final translation into German and final editorial work by

Hellmut and Nevin Lutz

Publisher Schulbuchverlag Anadolu – 2018

335 pages – hard cover – ISBN 978-3-86121-714-5


Nevin Lutz lives in Oyten, close to Bremen.

E-mail: [email protected]  


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