Moderator, TV show host, Content Producer, Educator and Marketing Specialist. During his student years, he started his working life by working as an IT reporter for IT Business Weekly and CHIP magazines. He worked as a Regional Marketing Manager responsible for Turkey, North Africa and Eastern European Countries at Adobe Systems, one of the largest software companies in the world. He took an active part in the digitization of marketing during the “Digital Transformation” process at Adobe. He led the teams developing e-commerce platforms responsible for Eastern Europe, Turkey, Russia and North African countries. Later, he worked as a corporate marketing manager at Samsung Turkey.

He contributed to the Teknotrend and Silicon Valley technology programs, broadcast on Show TV and Skyturk 360, with the hats of content editor and co-host. He founded Silikonvadisi TV, one of the important technology news portals of the time. In as little as a year, it has reached the threshold of 1 million monthly visitors. He has given regular trainings on strategic digital marketing and content marketing at various educational institutions and leading corporate companies, especially at Istanbul Technical University.

Today, he works as a marketing consultant for local and global institutions. She produces content on digital transformation, digital productivity, marketing and customer strategies, moderates and hosts in-house and sectoral events, and provides corporate trainings. He makes occasional visits to Silicon valley in America; he meets and interviews leaders in the field of technology and marketing. It carries out corporate and individual digital content projects. He's chasing inspiring stories. She writes articles in popular sectoral publications. And he plays a lot of guitars and makes music in his studio at home.

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