Researcher - writer, photographer. He was born in 1964 in Silvan district of Diyarbakır. The SELLER, who introduced the historical textures in Diyarbakır and its districts, especially Silvan, by taking photos, participated in many symposiums and scientific meetings about Silvan and Diyarbakır and presented papers.

His research and articles on Silvan took place in many magazines and books.

He participated in Radio and Television programs. It started operating in the advertising industry in 1983.

He worked as an advertisement and advertisement producer for TRT, national and local newspapers.

In 1985, he took the Diyarbakır agency of an insurance company and carried out the advertising and insurance business together.

In 1994, he broadcast a private radio channel called Malabadi and hosted.

He worked in the social services sector for a while.

As a company, he broke new ground in the promotion sector in the region and produced pens and wall clocks. It established regional dealerships with the FLYPEN brand pen and gift product group.

He continued his life and work as the owner and manager of an advertising agency in Diyarbakır.

He is married with three children.

Nejat Satici, who wrote the article "Silvan District" in the "Diyarbakır Encyclopedia" consisting of 5 volumes and contributed with his photographs, has some other works published so far.

"Hasuni Valley and Hasuni Caves" (Diyarbakır Agriculture),

Nature and Environment Symposium, 01 03 June 2010, Silvan, Pages: 302-310), "Historical Artifacts in Silvan" (Diyarbakır Environment and Nature Symposium, Volume II, Page: 358-376, Diyarbakır 2010),

"Introduction to Silvan" (Diyarbakır Trade and Oda Dergisi, Pages 60-66, Issue 19, Diyarbakır 2010)

He wrote the article "Selahaddin-i Eyyubi Mosque". (Diyarbakır and Yaşam Magazine, Issue: 4, Diyarbakır 2010).

He wrote the article "Signed Bridge-Silvan Bridge-Ten eyed Bridge". (Diyarbakır and Life Magazine - Diyarbakır 2010).

“Diyarbakır Travel Guide” contributed to the Silvan District Article. Diyarbakır Municipality Cultural Publications No: 34 (Istanbul 2011)

He wrote the articles "Silvan Castle", "Mansions and Mansions in Silvan", "Silvan Inns" and "Malabadi Bridge - Silvan" for the book "Diyarbakır Districts in Every Aspect". (İstanbul-2013)

He wrote the “Diyarbakır Agenda”. General introduction of Diyarbakır and its districts- 24 pages (Diyarbakır-2020)

“Cave Paradise Silvan, Hasuni Caves” (Gap Şehir Magazine - Culture, City and Tourism Magazine: Pages-86-89 (Year: 2 issues: 2 - 2021)

www. It promotes Diyarbakır with its articles and photographs on its web pages called, and

REFERENCE: İhsan Işık / Diyarbakır Encyclopedia (2013) - Diyarbakır Scientists, Writers and Artists from Past to Present (2014), Confirmation of information (15.02.2021).



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