Eda Şölenci


18 Ağustos, 1996
Boğaziçi University
Diğer İsimler
Eda Dunisa Şölenci. Aşk Ağlatır Nalan. Arıza Seda. Aslan Ailem Pelin Erdem. Adı Efsane Çiler Bakırcı. Güneşin Kızları Selin'in Arkadaşı.

Height 1,68 m. Eda Solenci was born in Izmir, on 25th of October 1995. She is of Macedonian origin but she was raised in Izmir and lived there until she graduated from high school. After graduating from Bornova High School, she moved to Istanbul to continue her education at Istanbul University. She is interested in dancing and quite successful in salsa, bachata.

She was curious about set environments in high school and she took small parts in several projects in order to have fun and gain experience with her friends.

She played Selin's close friend, Eda, in the series "Gunesin Kizlari", which she took part in the first stages of her career.

She later appeared in the "Adi Efsane" (29) series which constitute the first serious steps of her career. The success she achieved in giving life to the character "Ciler Bakirci" draw serious attention to her.

Later on, she played "Pelin Erdem" in the series "Aslan Ailem" (31) which is another project that she developed herself as an actress and attracted great attention by the audience.

She took part in advertising campaigns of companies such as Lidyana and Mavi.


TV Series:


Arıza (Seda, TV Series 2020-2021)

Aşk Ağlatır (Nalan Demirci, TV Series 2019)

Aslan Ailem (Pelin Erdem, TV Series 2017)

Adı Efsane (Çiler Bakırcı, TV Series 2017)

Güneşin Kızları (Selin'in Arkadaşı, TV Series 2015)


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