Doğan Soydan

Şair ve Yazar, Eğitimci

01 Ağustos, 1946

 Educator, poet and writer. He was born in Elbistan on August 01 ,1946 . His grandfather was Nakipoglu Mustafa Kamil Efendi (1867-1917), one of the last judge of the Ottoman Empire. His father, Mehmet Hilmi Soydan, was one of Afşin's first barrister at law . Due to his father's duty, Dogan Soydan's childhood and teenage years were spent in Afşin. He graduated from Afşin / Efsus Primary School (1962), Afşin Secondary School (1965) and Kahramanmaraş Teacher School.Than he became Primary school teacher in Afşin/ Ortaklı village in 1969-74; After working as a school director in elbistan İgde town, he graduated from Buca (Izmir) Institute of Education Turkish Department and later Anadolu University Department of Turkish Language and Literature. He has been teaching Turkish / literature in Çukurca, Elbistan, Mugla and Bursa till his retirement in Bursa in 1994. He is married to teacher Nahide Soydan Uluer. In 1994-2004, he published the Local Newspaper, which he founded and owned in Bursa. Dogan Soydan moved to Ankara in 2004, and served on the editorial board of Ankara Literary Journal. He was a member of Töb-Der, Eğitimsen, Ankara Literary Association, Language Association and Bursa Contemporary Journalists' Association.


Author’s Life And Works


 My enthusiasm and desire to write began in my high school years. I was reading the poem I wrote in the evening to my friends the next day, they liked it very much; There were even those who took it and hid it, who pretend to be their own poetry. I got really carried away in this in high school... I still keep that notebook with about 80 poems in it. Poverty, pessimism; the sadness of being away from home, living the holidays alone, longing for home, etc. I never stopped poetry; I'm writing today, but I never thought about being a poet, being called a poet. Today's poetry changes shape every day: "It was a visionary poem, it was symbolic poetry, it was meaningless poetry, poetry had a different language!.." These discourses make poetry look as difficult as Algebra(!).

Ahmet Arif, H.Hussein, Rifat Ilgaz, Atilla Ilhan, Can Yucel, I love the poems that scream and strike the wound with scalpels, even if they are sympellate or free-measured. Before I started writing stories, I would tell friends about the interesting events I had encountered and witnessed, and they would listen with interest. This was not included in my storybooks; Or rather, I didn't find the weight to be taken into the book. I think it's the first source of passion for writing. That passion grew and I started writing stories... My first story is named "Ahraz Baghdad..." The story of a deaf and mute girl who is in school age but was not accepted into school... I was thrilled when it was read on Izmir Radio in 1976. "Perforated Penny" which also included this story, is my first book of stories. My first poems were seen in local newspapers such as The Voice of Elbistan, etc. My stories and poems were published in the following years in Ekin-Sanat, Teacher World, Ankara Literature, Story Boat, Shore, Vein and Yaba, etc. published in magazines. ‘’The story of Soydaş Market’’ was translated into Bulgarian by Ahmet Emin Atasoy in 2012




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