Yusuf Çim

Fotomodel, Pop Müzik Yorumcusu, Oyuncu

26 Eylül, 1991
Akademi 3,5
Diğer İsimler
Akrep dizisi Aras. Hababam Sınıfı Yakışıklı

Yusuf Çim is a popular Turkish actor, model, and TV presenter.

Studying at the University and modeling career took the young man a lot of time. Nevertheless, he managed to find a spare time for his another hobby - music. In 2013, he began his musical career, which was marked by the release of his first debut album called "Olsun Bi Kere". The Yusuf's fans were able to see several of his clips. Multi-talented young man tried himself in the role of TV presenter. In 2015, he shot his own TV show "Piramit". His acting career started with the film "Ezra," in which he played the role of Mustafa. And in 2015, Yusuf Çim starred in the TV series "Çilek Kokusu".

Yusuf Çim studies and acts as a model at fashion shows simultaneously and even got the award of the Best Model Turkey 2011. Many well-known brands offered him job in the sphere advertising and invited him on Polo, Ralp, Mango shows.


Movie and Tv Series:


Akrep (Aras, TV Dizisi 2020)

Hababam Sınıfı Yaz Oyunları (Yakışıklı, Sinema Filmi 2021)

Hababam Sınıfı Yeniden (Yakışıklı, Sinema Filmi 2019)

Bana Bir Aşk Şarkısı Söyle (Emre Akın, Sinema Filmi 2019)

Servet (Can Yiğit, TV Dizisi 2018)

Seven Ne Yapmaz (Ozan Ekinsoy, TV Dizisi 2017)

İçimdeki Fırtına (Emre, TV Dizisi 2017)

Çilek Kokusu (Burak, TV Dizisi 2015)


TV Programs:


Eser Yenenler Show (Kendisi, 2019)

Makina Kafa (Kendisi, 2014)

Muhallebi Kafa (Kendisi, 2013)


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