Fatma Nur Gerçel

Genel Başkan Yardımcısı, STK Yöneticisi, Avukat, Hukukçu

Istanbul University’s Faculty of Law
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Fatma Nur Gerçel Özeren

Attorney at Law Fatma Nur Gerçel-Vice President.

Fatma Nur Gerçel was born in Istanbul. She graduated from the Istanbul University’s Faculty of Law.

She became a member of ÇYDD in 1994 and joined the Law Commission of the Association.

In 1996 she was elected to the ÇYDD Headquarters Executive Committee.  During   Türkan SAYLAN’s presidency she was the Executive Committee Secretary for 6 terms starting in 1998.  During AyselÇELİKEL’s presidency she was the Executive Committee Treasurer for 3 terms.

She represented the Association on the Human Rights Commission of Istanbul. In addition to this, she worked for CMUK (Ceza Muhakemeleri UsulüKanunu-Criminal Court Procedures Law) which she considers the basis of law and she worked for the Istanbul Bar’s Children’s Rights Center.

Gerçel is presently the President of the ÇYDD Foundation which she helped establish   and of which Türkan SAYLAN was the founding president.  She is also a member of the Sarıyer Branch of the Association.

During her years as the Secretary, she represented ÇYDD on NGOs and public foundations platforms. She participated in the development of association legislations. 

She contributed to radically changing the administrative rules and regulations of the Association and of its branches being formed according to these.She provided guidance on establishing the legal groundwork of various charity campaigns.

During her years as the Treasurer, together with Seyhan İSFENDİYAR, Gerçel worked on the re-development of the Association’s financial enterprises and on the general rules of treasury.

In 2009 as the Secretary of the Association she was arraigned when all ÇYDD administrators were being charged of fault.  She was tried under the presumption of her being a member of the Ergenekonterror group.

Gerçel has a daughter who shares her passion for law. Aside from her career, she is interested in arts and she paints. She speaks fluent French.


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