İlker Karsavuran

Besteci, Şarkıcı, Müzisyen

Department of Turkish Music in state conservatory of Sakarya University

Musician, singer, composer. He was born in Ankara in 1984. The artist became acquainted with “bağlama” at a young age and started playing during his elementary school years in Ozan-Der bağlama course with Aydın GÜNÖNÜ as his teacher. He got accepted in the Department of Turkish Music in state conservatory of Sakarya University in 2005. He recorded the album "Sûz, KorAteşTürküler" with his band “Grup Su” the same year and performed in many places in Turkey.

He formed the “"TeldenDile Turkish Folk Music Club” during his years in the conservatory and took part in various academic organizations. He graduated in 2009. He received education on pedagogical formation in Department of Educational Sciences of Sakarya University Faculty of Education in 2010. The artist, who worked as repertoire trainer and performer in Hacettepe University Turkish Folk Music Club between 2012 and 2013, started his master studies in Hacettepe University Graduate School of Fine Arts, Art Major, Department of Traditional Turkish Music in 2014.

He had the opportunity of working with valuable professors such as Cenk GÜRAY, Abdurrahman TARİKÇİ and Mehmet ÜÇER, however he had to take a short break from his academic work due to his teaching job. In 2017, Tanbura Trio recorded the work “BağlamanınYolculuğu” and also performed in various universities, Germany in the first place. In 2019, he accepted in the University of Music and Fine Arts Instrument Training Department of Faculty of Performance Arts and starting working with Erol PARLAK and Sinan AYYILDIZ. He appeared in broadcasts, TV shows and tape recordings including ones with TRT. The artist still continues stage works and publishes his compositions and other works on his YouTube channel.

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