Gökhan Yavuzel

Şair ve Yazar

21 Aralık, 1992

Gökhan Yavuzel, 21 December 1992 in Suruç, Şanlıurfa, is a graduate of Business Administration.

He began writing his short stories and poems at a young age. On 15/10/2015, at the age of 22, his first book 'Sahipsiz Şiirler' was published. With this book, the author started to make a name for himself by accessing many layers of the country.

His poetry style was lyrical, epic and social in size and he used a style that dominated Turkish. In particular, his poem 'Özgecan Aslan' was read by many women activists in many protest marches. In 12/10/2016, his second book 'Katiller Hep Yalnızdır' was published.

With this book, he expanded the audience.With his fiction stories and essays; Ismail Küçükkaya, Ayse Tural and Yekta Güngör Özden as a highly respected critic of the full memo field Yavuzel, as a guest on many television and radio programs in Turkey, has given interviews on Arts & Culture matters, and he has offered suggestions for solutions to bring women's issues to the agenda. In his radio programmes, he sang his poems.

Cyprus and Turkey in 2016 gave him the title as the "Young Author of the Year".  In Cyprus, as a special guest of the signings, he participated in radio and television programmes and, in the literary world, has represented Turkey. The author also prepared the declaration of the 'Literary Initiative for Peace' to end the period of heavy armed conflicts in Turkey and the world, leading to the collection of nearly 1000 signatures from writers and literary writers. He regularly writes articles on culture and art for newspapers and magazines.

Gökhan Yavuzel currently lives in Cardiff, Wales.




Poetry: Sahipsiz Şiirler (Derelict Poems, 2015).


Story-Essay: Katiller Hep Yalnızdır (Killers Are Always Alone, 2016).


REFERENCE: Information Confirmation (18.07.2019).



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