Yaşar Erkan


30 April, 1912
18 May, 1986
Other Names
Yaşar Naçar


Yaşar Erkan (dated 1912, Erzincan - May 18, 1986 Istanbul) is the athlete, wrestler who won the first gold medal of the Republic of Turkey in the Olympics. Yasar Erkan, after winning the gold medal in the 1936 Summer Olympics, "I was unable to hold myself in the honor of our glorious flag on the championship chronicle, my eyes are flooded with ages. It is the most beautiful and beautiful of the pleasures of holding our flag in front of Hitler and a hundred and twenty thousand people in honor of honor and listening to our beautiful martial standing. "At a time when there was a great enthusiasm, a civil servant in Turkey took a telegram with a Morse alphabet. ..

 "Be yourself young; But you did an important job for the country. Your name has now passed on to Turkish sports history. Long live! " The telegram comes from Mustafa Kemal Atatürk. Later, Erkan was given a house by Atatürk and at the same time, he was changed to Erkan, meaning the leader of a community by Naçar Atatürk, who is the surname of the athlete and which means helpless. Lived Erkan was a tailor at the same time. After winning the Balkan championship in 1940, he left wrestling. Erkan passed away on May 18, 1986. The grave is in the Cemetery Cemetery in Zeytinburnu.

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