Tankut Turnaoğlu

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Mustafa Tankut Turnaoğlu

P & G Turkey/ Caucasus Vice President & CEO.  Tankut Turnaoğlu is the Vice President & General Manager of P&G Turkey & Caucasus since March 2013. He started his career as an Assistant Brand Manager in 1991 in P&G Turkey and since then he held various positions like Country Manager of Central Asia and Caucasia in Kazakhstan, Fabric Care Marketing Director of Central and Eastern Europe in Brussels, Fabric Care General Manager of Asia and Australia region in Singapore.

Turnaoglu leds the creation of corporate start-up atmosphere within P&G organization by initiating an internal team which build partnerships with start-ups, organize start-up challenges and start-up visits. Not limited to the organization, he also supports entrepreneurship ecosystem in Turkey. Turnaoğlu represents P&G in Endeavor Turkey which are the local leader of a global entrepreneurship movement.

He is member of the Board of YASED – International Investors Association in Turkey, Vice Chair of ABFT (US AmCham) – American Business Forum In Turkey, and member of the Board of BCSD – Business Council for Sustainable Development Turkey. He received his bachelor’s degree from Boğaziçi University in Business Administration and completed a master’s degree with honors in International Marketing at the University of Massachusetts, where he was a scholarship student. Tankut is married and has three children.

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