Born in 19 May 1972, Ankara/Turkey as the second child to a family originating from the Agri province which is located furthest to the east of the country, Özcan Deniz spent most of his childhood in Aydın at the Aegean region after his family migrated when he was 5. He started to earn a living for both himself and his family at a very young age as a singer and formed his own orchestra when he was only 14 called the Mavi Deniz (Blue Sea). He moved to Germany in 1989. His big break in music came when a producer discovered his musical talent while he was performing in Germany and he returned to Turkey in 1991. He rose to stardom as a Turkish hit singer in the 90s and 2000s with many hit albums and many awards to follow. His passion for cinema and story telling turned his focus to acting and he personified many unforgettable characters in Turkish prime time TV series and Cinema. Out of the TV projects he starred ‘Asmalı Konak’ in 2002 and ‘Haziran Gecesi’ in 2004 which he co-created still has an unbroken viewer rayting record holding up and are pointed as the source for growth of Turkish TV Series industry over the years as a prominent force with foreign sales all over the world. Özcan Deniz has worked in 10 feature projects up to date. 4 of which he wrote and directed. He participated as the storywriter and the creative supervisor for another. He also acted in 9 of these projects. With his background as a musician Özcan also left his mark on the scoring and soundtracks of the projects he created. He influenced a generation of up coming musicians while getting praise for the arthouse films he acted in at many festivals over the world. On the popular side he achieved fame around the world with his popular TV series and successful blockbuster feature films. He is acting as the lead of his new TV series ‘Kaderimin Yazıldığı Gün’ with high raytings and international distribution and is the face of coca cola 2015 and 2016 in Turkey. Following are his feature film projects:


1994 / Ona Sevdiğimi Söyle (As Actor)

2003 / O Şimdi Asker (As Actor)

2004 / Neredesin Firuze? (As Actor and Storywriter)

2004 / Asmalı Konak: Hayat (As Actor) TV Series

2007 / Keloğlan Kara Prense Karşı (As Actor)

2011 / Ya Sonra (As Actor, Writer and Director)

2012 / Araf (As Actor)

2013 / Evim Sensin (As Actor, Adapted Screenplay and Director)

2014 / Su Ve Ateş (As Actor, Writer and Director)

2014 / Kaderimin Yazıldığı Gün (As Actor) TV Series

2015 / Sevimli Tehlikeli (As Writer and Director)

2016 / Her Şey Aşktan (Supervisor & Actor)

2016 / İkinci Şans (Writer and Director)

2017 / Öteki Taraf (Director and As Actor)

2017 / İstanbullu Gelin (As Actor) TV Series

2017 / Öteki Taraf Film (Director and As Actor)



Özcan Deniz continues to create with his production company ‘DNZ Film’ in partnership with ‘Avşar Film’ which is one of the prominent production companies in Turkey. He also acts as a producer and creative supervisor for other artists working with his company.


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