Fadıl Oktay

STK Yöneticisi, Şair

Çankaya Lisesi

Turkish Poet, [1961-] His first book with his earlier poems “Kozmosda Yalnızlar” (Lonely People of Cosmos)  was published in 2003 and his second book “Lay Lay Dilayla- (Lay Lay Dilayla )” followed this in 2009.

His third book “ Kendine Sesleniş ( Soliloquy )” also published at 2014. In this book there are some poems and also some thoughts and vocalisations about the ıronic side of life.

Ironic sight, imagery, rich usage of words and large culture knowledge make his poems interesting for the readers. He is one of the well known poets in Turkey.

His poems and writings published also in many poetry magazines such as Hayal, İspinoz, Pencere, Simge, Şiiri Özlüyorum, Andız, Şehir, Konya Postası, Herşeye Karşın, Kum, Anafilya,  Akköy,  Denizsuyu Kasesi , Koridor,Alaz, Mühür.

He works actively for Turkish and World Poetry and for some time he founded and  issued “Hayal” poetry magazine as owner in 2003. Hayal is still sold in booksellers. He also estabilished Cağdaş Şair ve Yazarlar Derneği ( Contemporary Poet and Writers Association) with his poet friends in 2007.

He also worked hard to  estabilish for Awards of Ergin Günçe who was a brilliant poet and died in a aeroplane crush in 1982. He has helped for estabilishing the awards for Abdulkadir Bulut who was also another  brilliant well known Turkish poet.

He also organised many poetry events, readings  and festivals  in Ankara with his poet friends  during the past 12 years.

At the moment  he works as Export manager in a factory and lives in Ankara. He is single and he has a daughter .



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