İnan Kıraç

Spor Yöneticisi, Sanayici, İş Adamı

London City College of Business

Mr. İnan Kıraç started his career in 1961 as a sales officer in Ormak A.Ş. affiliated with Koç Group. In 1966, he was appointed to the General Management of Otoyol, manufacturer of Fiat Trucks and Minibuses. In 1970, he became the General Manager of Tofaş Oto Ticaret, the marketing and distribution company for Fiat Automobiles manufactured in Turkey. First, he was assigned as Koç Holding Vice President of Tofaş and then as the Koç Holding Automotive Group President. Serving as Koç Holding's Chief Executive Officer (CEO) until his retirement in 1998, Mr. İnan Kıraç has witnessed each stage of the Turkish Automotive Industry's development, has worked for each detail as a professional executive and has played a role in the establishment of many important factories.

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