Kenan Aksu

STK Yöneticisi, İş İnsanı

01 Ocak, 1960
Dicle University, Faculty of Education, Department of English

Businessman, NGO Manager, DIKTUMDER President. On January 1, 1960, was born in the province of Diyarbakir. Respectively, Ziya Gökalp elementary school, Ali Emiri secondary school, Ziya gökalp he graduated from high school (1978). In 1982, higher education, Dicle University, Faculty of Education, Department of English.

Kenan Aksu, since high school, always moving, lived a life full of activities. Played football from middle school on for 30 years.

Kenan Aksu, after finishing school, a teacher named norpac worked as a translator for a period of no foreign oil exploration company. The task of his military service as an English teacher in Çankırı NCO Preparatory School completed.

After military service in Diyarbakir was engaged in trade, gems and jewelry store he ran. Still this store to continue to operate, as well as DIKTUMDER (Diyarbakır Culture, tourism and Music Association) as President of Diyarbakir folklore, continues to contribute to the cultural and artistic life.

REFERENCE: information of confirmation (June 2017).


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