Ender Macun

Roman Yazarı

28 Eylül, 1965
Marmara University, Istanbul

Writer, novelist. Was born in Istanbul in 1965. He graduated from the ELT department of Marmara University, Istanbul, in 1993. He also studied film making and produced films in Z1 Film Academy. Macun, worked in many magazines, newspapers as a culture and arts writer in Turkey. He is the co-curricular activities coordinator at Taş Private Elementary School, Istanbul. He has been the teacher of Short Film Club and English Drama Club at school since 2000. He started his career as a writer and has published works on literature in Turkish. His books Yağmuruykusu (Sleep in Rain) and Seslerimiz Öpüşürken are both written in Turkish. His interests are contemporary literature, rock and jazz music, photography and European cinema. He loves his job and sharing his expertise and experience with the children. He has also been sharing his ideas and essays on education on IB days, Autumn Teachers Conferences and other platforms for twenty years. He is currently working on a novel called The Swimming Pool.

WORKS: Yağmuruykusu (1993), Seslerimiz Öpüşürken (2000).

REFERENCE: TBE Ansiklopedisi (2. bas. c. 2, 2003), İhsan Işık / Resimli ve Metin Örnekli Türkiye Edebiyatçılar ve Kültür Adamları Ansiklopedisi (2. bas., 2009), Metin Akar (amazon.co.uk, 28.09.2016).



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