Fikri Işık

Bakan, Milletvekili, Devlet Adamı, Eğitimci, Siyasetçi

13 Eylül, 1965
Middle East Technical University Faculty of Education Department of Mathematics Teaching

Educator, politician and statesman, deputy, minister. He was born in Babacan village, Gümüşhane on September 13, 1965. His father's name is Tevfik, and his mother's name is Mecbure. He graduated from Middle East Technical University, Faculty of Education Department of Mathematics Teaching. Işık has worked as English and Mathematics teacher at private schools in Izmir and Istanbul; and he worked as an executive in food sector. He became the JDP Kocaeli Founding Province Executive Board member on October 20, 2001.

Işık was JDP Kocaeli Province Head for 4 years from June 22, 2003; and he was elected as JDP Kocaeli Deputy for 23rd, 24th, 25th and 26th terms. Işik was responsible from 47 provinces in different regions of Turkey as JDP Headquarters Organizational Presidency Regional Coordinator and Vice President; and he became the TGNA National Education, Culture, Youth and Sports Committee President on January 31, 2013. He was assigned as the Minister of Science, Industry and Technology during the 63rd government (election government). He is still the minister during the 64th government.

Fikri Isik is member of METU Graduate Unions' Foundation, Hereke Education, Culture and Cooperation Association, Red Crescent, Ay Isigi Orphans Cooperation Association and Kocaeli Gumushane Foundation. He speaks English at a good level and Arabic in intermediary level. Işık is married and father of 4 children.

SOURCE: Başbakan Ahmet Davutoğlu kabineyi açıkladı (, 28.8.2015), Başbakan Davutoğlu yeni kabineyi açıkladı (, 24.11.2015).



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