İzzet Melih Devrim


06 Haziran, 1887
15 Haziran, 1966
Galatasaray High School

Writer (b. 6 June 1887, Jerusalem – d. 15 June 1966, İstanbul). He was the son of Saniye Hanım of Crete, and the governor Mustafa Esat Bey. He was the second husband of the painter Fahrünnisa Zeid and father of the painter Nejat Devrim and theater artist Şirin Devrim. His childhood passed in Jerusalem, Konya and Hanya because of his father’s postings. He graduated from Galatasaray High School (1906). He studied law in Paris and İstanbul for a time. He worked as a civil servant, general secretary and director at the İstanbul State Management Office (1906- 1925), as a financial advisor and board member at foreign banks (1925- 1940), as a teacher of French at the War School (1942), as director at the Anatolian Agency (1941- 48) and then retired. He is buried in Zincirlikuyu Graveyard.

He started his writing career with his poems published in the reviews Çocuklara Mahsus Gazete and Mecmua-i Edebiye. İzzet Melih, one of the members of the “Dawn of the New Age Movement”, came second at a prose competition that was held by the review Les Annales Politique Literaire with his short story L’Ennui (Annoyance – 1905). He was given an honorary literature doctorate by the Paris Faculty of Literature (1938) for his etude on Henry Metaille and works on the French language. He was selected as a member of the Writers Union of Paris (1957).


PLAY: Leylâ (Leila, in French, 1912).

NOVEL: Tezad (Opposite, 1915), Sermed (Eternity, 1918, French version with a preface by Pierre Loti, 1919).

OTHER WORKS: Hüzün ve Tebessüm (Melancholy and Smile, poems in prose and short stories, 1922), Henry Bataille (research in French, 1924), Her Güzelliğe Âşık (In Love with Every Beauty, short story and travel notes, 1938).



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