İsmail Kıllıoğlu


Ankara University Faculty of Law

Writer (b. 1947, K.Maraş). He attended K. Maraş İmam-Hatip High School and Maraş High School (1968) and graduated from Ankara University, Faculty of Law (1975). He served as a preacher in Bolu Seben. Later he worked as a legal adviser at the Institute of Organic Chemistry at Ankara University, Department of Science and then he worked as an inspector at the Ministry of Labor (1976-78). While he was working at Ministry of Labor, he passed the assistantship exam at Sakarya State Engineering and Architecture Academy and changed his career to that of an academician (1978-85). He has given lectures on the history of philosophy at Marmara University, Faculty of Theology. Kıllıoğlu, who started his literary career writing poems and stories, in later years focused mostly on his stories. While he was a student at İmam-Hatip High School, he attracted attention with his stories in an art and literature magazine called Gonca that he and Osman Sarı published weekly (1965-67). Later his short stories, articles and critiques were published in the newspapers Memleket (1965), Hareket (1968), Çıkış (1968), Diriliş (1969 and later), Edebiyat (1969-75), Gelişme (1974), Kalem (lifounder and director, 1976-77), Mavera (member of the advisory board), Yönelişler, İslâm (1983-89), İlim ve Sanat (1984-89), Kadın ve Aile (1987-89) and Türk Edebiyatı (1985) and the reviews Altınoluk (1985), Yeni Devir (starting from 1976) and Millî Gazete (1987). His story called Kesit (Cross Section), taken from his book Ateş Yalımı Üstünde Bir Toplantı (A Gathering on the Fire Flames), was adapted for the cinema movie (1978). He was chief editor as well as redactor on four volumes of İslâm Tarihi Ansiklopedisi (Encyclopedia of the History of Islam), published by Hikmet Publications. In addition, he supervised the preparation of some parts of Sosyal Bilimler Ansiklopedisi (Social Sciences Encyclopedia) published by Risale Publications.

Kıllıoğlu’s stories are not easily decipherable and rather than writing just fiction, he forces the borders of common technique and language forms which are used as a means to intensify ideas and senses. Although contemporary characters feature in his stories, the narration is enriched with a subtext of a wide historical perspective. He has attracted attention with his essays and research in recent years.


SHORT STORY: Ateş Yalımı Üstünde Bir Toplantı (A Gathering on the Fire Flames 1974), Hayata Uyanış (Wake Up to Life 1984).

ESSAY AND THESIS: Düşünce ve Duyarlık (Thought and Mind, 1986), Edebiyat ve Suç (Literature and Crime, 1988), Ahlâk-Hukuk İlişkisi (The Relationship between Law and Ethics, PhD thesis , 1988), Düşünce ve Özgürlük (Reason and Freedom).


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