Sinan Çetin


01 Mart, 1953
Hacettepe University Department of History of Arts

Movie director. Born on the 1st of March 1953 in Kars. He completed his primary and secondary education in different cities of Anatolian due to the duty of his father. Later he moved to Ankara and graduated from department of History of Arts in Hacettepe University (1977). He worked in 1970s as an amateur in fields of painting and photography. He painted the theatrical play of Maxim Gorky called Ana which was staged in Ankara Arts Theatre and opened his first exhibition. In 1976 he started to organize various programs in “Çağdaş Sahne (Modern Scene)”. He established Ankara Photography Artists Association and became the first president. He also organized exhibitions, movie sessions, open discussions and debates in Çağdaş Sahne. He moderated various artistic discussions with important figures of thought such as Aziz Nesin, Uğur Mumcu and Çetin Altan.

He started his cinematography career by being an assistant of Zeki Ökten for his movie Hanzo shot in 1975. Later he worked with directors Şerif Gören and Atıf Yılmaz. In 1977 he directed his first movie Halının Türküsü whose leading role was played by Ahmet Mekin. This movie lasted 65 minutes but in order to send it to a competition it was reduced to 30 minutes. It is believed today that the only copy of it is Moscow Film Festival. There he received the Prize for the most successful young director. In 1980 he shot his first feature length movie Bir Günün Hikâyesi and this movie was deemed worthy of best director award in 1984 Antalya Film Festival. Later he directed awarded movies such as Çiçek Abbas14 Numara, Çirkinler de Sever and Berlin in Berlin . Meanwhile he also directed advertisement movies and musical clips. He provided a major box office with liberal movies in which he criticized the system, such as Propaganda and Komiser Şekspir. Çetin has a company called Plato Film in which he shoots his own movies. Besides he has a publishing house which publishes books of philosophers such as Ayn Rand and Karl Popper. He states that he founded this publishing house with support of his close friend Atilla Yayla in order to spread the liberal thought.


Halının Türküsü ( 1977), Bir Günün Hikâyesi (1980), Çiçek  Abbas (1982), Çirkinler de Sever (1982), 14 Numara (1985), Prenses (1986), Berlin in Berlin (1993), Bay E (1995), Propaganda (1999), Komser Şekspir ( 2001), Mumya Firarda (Actor, 2002),  Okul (Producer, 2004), Pardon (Producer, 2005), Şans Kapıyı Kırınca (Actor, 2005), Romantik (2007), Çocuk (Producer, 2008), Plajda (Producer, 2008), Kâğıt (2011). 


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