İsmail Akçay

Sporcu, Şair

Poet, sportsman. He was born at Balıkesir in 1942. He graduated from Karesi Secondary School. He was interested in athletics since his youth years and he had great success in this area. He had the first place in the Balkan Athletics Championship at Sarajevo (1966), and the second place in Mediterranean Games (1967) and Balkan Championship. He had the third place in Balkans (1969), first place in Balkans (1971), third place in Mediterranean Games (1971), and second place in Balkans (1972 and 1973). He worked as the trainer of National Team of Athletics. He had to quit active sports life due to a heavy injury in 1975. He has a poetry book named Otuz Beşte Başlar (1971).

REFERENCE: V. Recai Velibeyoğlu / ÖBBŞKA (vol.1, 1975), TDOE-TDE Ansiklopedisi 1 (2002), İhsan Işık (TEKAA, 2009).


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